Bath – Travel Diary – Part I

Day 1

Waking up early, getting ready to fly to Bristol. After only a 50 minute flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Bristol it was a 2 h drive with the bus to Bath. The busstop was right in front of our Hotel, which made it super easy to drop off the luggage.
Because Bath is such an adorable city it’s great to just have a stroll, walking past the cutest stores and wander through the small streets. And actually that what the planning was for all those days.
The first lunch spot was The Kingsmead Kitchen, where they served delicious vegan plates and a delicious gingerbread latte with soy milk.
The hotel was located in the center, and close by was the Society Cafe which is the cutest coffee spot ever.
We walked past the shops over the Pulteney Bridge and past the River Avon, which was a peaceful walk.

Stop and smell the flowers

Spring is already here for a few weeks, and the weather changed a lot during those weeks. Super warm, sunny and it felt like summer, to such a cold wind that it even felt like winter.

Spring is really my favourite season, the temperature is nice, you’ve got the flower fields and it’s perfect terrace weather. Spring gives new energy, new inspiration and new ideas.

Nevertheless, it was time for new pictures. And I was really feeling this spring vibe with pastel colours, flowers and sun.
I saw this top the other day at Zara and really loved the colour, so soft and easy to combine with jeans.
The jeans are from last summer, and actually it was way to longe for my hight, so last week I had the idea to just cut it. With this length it goes well with heels and with sneakers, just depends on which vibe you’re in.
The heels are really my favourite piece with this outfit, they are adorable, easy to wear and a real item that gives your outfit a little extra.

Here are my favourite shots and the clothing is linked below.

Jeans : Mango
Yellow top: Zara
Belt: Bershka
Heels: Bershka

Photography & Quotes

” I find it amusing
that we’re all pretending to be normal
when we could be
insanely interesting instead’
– Atlas

In order to be successful you must be unapologetic and confident in who you are.

What you believe about yourself and your life on a deep subconscious level is what you live out daily through your actions, words, choices and habits. it’s also what you attract and manifest more of. be mindful of the power of your beliefs and their power: over your life. – Lalah Delia

There is no limit to how radiant, alive and irresistible you can be.

Every time you’re faced with a decision, ask yourself: Does this support the life I’m trying to create? if the answer is no, don’t do it.

never be ashamed
of how deeply and passionately
you’ve loved someone who destroyed you,
because destroying things is just who they are…

but loving things deeply and passionately
is who you are

– butterflies rising

Candy coloured coat

Goodmorning, long time no see. This is the second time in 2019 that I’m posting on my blog. That’s why I wanted this post tot pop.

For a while I wanted something that would stand out, something very colourful. Because normally my outfits are sometimes very black and dark. Haha and I think with this coat it maybe even made up for all those black outfits.

I think this pink coat really suits well with the Dr.Martens. It gives a little more edge – and to be honest this is the first pair that actually feels comfortable, even when you’re wearing it for the first time. I bought one size bigger (37) then I actually need, otherwise it’s unbearable to wear them and they will end up in the closet.

The weather was lovely, it was sunny and the people were all cheerful. For me, this outfit feels already extra, just because I’m used to dark colours. But lately I’ve been thinking on changing that a little. Sometimes you need to try something else before you judge if you like it.

The outfit details are linked below.

Coat – Stradivarius
Boots – Dr.Martens
Jeans – Levi’s

Pink Mamma – Paris

Last week during my trip to Paris I had to visit this gorgeous hotspot. The restaurant is called Pink Mamma and has several floors with amazing decorations and delicious food.

Honestly, I’ve never had such an amazing pasta dish. This was the pasta bomba rossa and the salade was called insane insalata. Their wine is so good, fresh and fruity.

Pink Mamma is located at 20bis Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris, France. Next to Boulevard de Clichy.

I do recommend making a reservation before your visit, because this hotspot is absolutely a hot place to be.

A warm February evening in Paris

// It’s the end of February, usually around this time of year it feels crisp and still cold, but this year spring decided to come by early.
My suitcase was ready for warmer weather, but I couldn’t imagine walking around with bare legs in February.

// It was perfect weather for a stroll from the hotel to the Seine, which took 30 minutes. The sun and atmosphere were perfect. I think Paris is great for walking, especially with sunny weather like this. I’d never seen Paris with this magical sun light before, the only word I can use for this is; magical and purity.

That’s what I love about Paris; it’s warm, fresh, magical, romantic and the scenery can just have been pulled out of a beautiful romantic photo or painting. In life I think the small moments need to be cherished the most. For me that has been the cozy evening walk and the terracce moments; a delicious glass of wine, a good company, some cigarettes, laughter and deep talks. Unfortunately some of those moments will occur to you later, when the moment has passed and you figure you didn’t take enough time to cherish it. To achieve more of those moments I think capturing photo’s, writing thoughts, keeping a daily journal and expressing creativity will improve these small happy things.