Welcome !

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Hey you,

Thank you for entering my world, aka my blog. Let me introduce
myself first. 

My name is Sophie, I’m 22 years old and I live in the Netherlands. My blog will be and is my creative space and a place where I love to write about the things I do and love. My passion for writing started at a young age and it has always been my way to express myself.
Besides writing, music is another passion. I’m playing piano for 14 years and again this is also my way of expressing how I feel. I love to write small pieces of songs, just for fun. Everywhere I go I’m listening to music and I love to make playlists on Spotify, a playlist for every occasion.

To be honest I’ve got lots of interests, hobbies and things I’m passionate about and it would be to much to be specific about everything, so here are a few; languages, architecture, fashion, yoga, cooking, singing, reading, filming/editing & photography. 

Here on my blog I would love to write about fashion, lifestyle, like health, food, music and about the traveling I’m doingI’m very excited about this blogging adventure.

See you !


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