Autumn decluttering

” Decluttering: the process or activity of getting rid of things you do not need or want from your home or another place “

I believe there are two kind of people. Some people do love to declutter and get everything tidy and some people don’t really mind it when it’s a little messy.

Personally I love it when it’s tidy, clean and in order to keep it that way I do need to declutter. A cleaning is not only for spring, but can also be perfectly done in autumn. Getting rid of the spring and summer stuff, maybe get over some things that you’ve had for years and it’s perfect to make your room more cozy.

It helps you to get your head straight again and it’s good to also declutter your mind. When you create space in your head it allows you to think more creative.

And with a cleaned and organised workspace your tidy mind will make better and organised plans or think about other projects. I think when your workspace is more tidy you’ll be more productive.

You wake up, get breakfast, grab a coffee and start working. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your desk first, you can start right away with all your ideas around.

For now I’ve done a huge decluttering in my room, thrown away lots of things that I’ve not used in two years. Things that I’d hold on to because it was a shame to get rid of it. But it was now time to throw it out.

So books, clothes, make-up, broken electronics, my computer files, photo’s but also one thing that has been bothering me for a long time. For years I’ve had a few google accounts, email addresses and other stuff that’s not useful and I just wanted to get this clear and have 1 private account and 1 “work” account.

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