A warm February evening in Paris

// It’s the end of February, usually around this time of year it feels crisp and still cold, but this year spring decided to come by early.
My suitcase was ready for warmer weather, but I couldn’t imagine walking around with bare legs in February.

// It was perfect weather for a stroll from the hotel to the Seine, which took 30 minutes. The sun and atmosphere were perfect. I think Paris is great for walking, especially with sunny weather like this. I’d never seen Paris with this magical sun light before, the only word I can use for this is; magical and purity.

That’s what I love about Paris; it’s warm, fresh, magical, romantic and the scenery can just have been pulled out of a beautiful romantic photo or painting. In life I think the small moments need to be cherished the most. For me that has been the cozy evening walk and the terracce moments; a delicious glass of wine, a good company, some cigarettes, laughter and deep talks. Unfortunately some of those moments will occur to you later, when the moment has passed and you figure you didn’t take enough time to cherish it. To achieve more of those moments I think capturing photo’s, writing thoughts, keeping a daily journal and expressing creativity will improve these small happy things. 

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