Candy coloured coat

Goodmorning, long time no see. This is the second time in 2019 that I’m posting on my blog. That’s why I wanted this post tot pop.

For a while I wanted something that would stand out, something very colourful. Because normally my outfits are sometimes very black and dark. Haha and I think with this coat it maybe even made up for all those black outfits.

I think this pink coat really suits well with the Dr.Martens. It gives a little more edge – and to be honest this is the first pair that actually feels comfortable, even when you’re wearing it for the first time. I bought one size bigger (37) then I actually need, otherwise it’s unbearable to wear them and they will end up in the closet.

The weather was lovely, it was sunny and the people were all cheerful. For me, this outfit feels already extra, just because I’m used to dark colours. But lately I’ve been thinking on changing that a little. Sometimes you need to try something else before you judge if you like it.

The outfit details are linked below.

Coat – Stradivarius
Boots – Dr.Martens
Jeans – Levi’s

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