Stop and smell the flowers

Spring is already here for a few weeks, and the weather changed a lot during those weeks. Super warm, sunny and it felt like summer, to such a cold wind that it even felt like winter.

Spring is really my favourite season, the temperature is nice, you’ve got the flower fields and it’s perfect terrace weather. Spring gives new energy, new inspiration and new ideas.

Nevertheless, it was time for new pictures. And I was really feeling this spring vibe with pastel colours, flowers and sun.
I saw this top the other day at Zara and really loved the colour, so soft and easy to combine with jeans.
The jeans are from last summer, and actually it was way to longe for my hight, so last week I had the idea to just cut it. With this length it goes well with heels and with sneakers, just depends on which vibe you’re in.
The heels are really my favourite piece with this outfit, they are adorable, easy to wear and a real item that gives your outfit a little extra.

Here are my favourite shots and the clothing is linked below.

Jeans : Mango
Yellow top: Zara
Belt: Bershka
Heels: Bershka

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